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The 2018 “Carry The Flame Across America” will be doing just that: California to DC, so start planning now and pass the word.

The website will be updated with information as it is decided, so check back often or call a board member.
Hope to see you in 2018 for all or part of the ride and on a bike or in a car.

Mission Statement

Carry The Flame, Inc. exists as an organization of both veterans and non-veterans, whose continuing mission is one of support to our veterans and their dependents, including but not limited to moral, physical, mental and financial support with no political agenda attached.


  •  Carry the Flame began in 2002 when King Cavalier II took the first ceremonial torch, borrowed from the Special Olympics to the Rolling Thunder Candlelight Vigil on Memorial weekend in Washington, DC. The Flame was lit and carried by representatives of the American Gold Star Mothers, American Gold Star Wives, and the Blue Star Mothers of America and continues to this day.


  •  The first Carry the Flame cross country tour took place in 2003 when riders leaving from California carried the ceremonial torch to the Navajo/ Hopi reservation home of Lori Piestewa. It was lit in honor of the Lady Warrior; the first active duty female soldier lost in combat; the first American Native woman lost in service to the United States of America; and the first active duty female soldier lost in captivity as Prisoner of War.


  •  Now known as Carry the Flame Across America, in 2009 the tour was joined by Marine SSGT Tim Chambers who honored the fallen from Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terror at salute alongside the Carry the Flame Across America Torch Detail and representatives of the Blue Star Mothers of America, Tulsa Chapter at 15 stops including the final ceremony at the World War II Memorial.

Organization Profile

Carry The Flame, Inc. is a Colorado-based non-profit corporation dedicated to honor and support military families across America.

Why is financial and educational support for military families and the children of American Armed Forces personnel needed?

  •  Over 1,000,000 kids have now been affected by the deployment, disability or loss of one or both parents serving on our orders in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003.


  •  When someone puts on an American military uniform, the entire family becomes involved. We recognize that military service involves the entire extended family of the person wearing the uniform. Children in military families are uniquely affected by the frequent deployments, periodic relocations, other aspects of military service, critical injury of a family member, the accelerating divorce rate, or especially by the death of a family member. Everyone understands that when a member of the U. S. military dies, the entire military family grieves and that juvenile family members grieve in unique ways that should receive special attention. Timely assistance may make all the difference in the young person.


  •  As it is, children are already grappling with emotional pain and hardships at very early ages.  Thousands of children today face complex life issues that often stem from fractured, dysfunctional family structures and a fast-moving, technological society. Unresolved problems or disorders can impede a child's development or trigger emotional states that cause trauma for the child, the parents, and the family.  The effects may be long lasting.  

You can support Carry the Flame, Inc. projects by making a tax-deductible donation.

The preferred methods for donations are:

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  •  Send your personal check to the following address:

Carry the Flame
Judy Meyer -Treasurer
P.O. Box  52335
Tulsa, OK 74152


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Carry the Flame
PO Box 52335
Tulsa, OK 74152




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